A: Super premium quality, personally selected, from small family farms.

"If you had the time to educate yourself about what it takes to make olive oils of the highest quality, and if you had the time to travel to places where the best olive oil is made to taste hundreds of the freshest oils, these are the oils you would bring back for yourself and your family." 

This is what we do for you.  Some further details:

 Certified Organic



 Single Estate

 One Grower's Grove(s)



No additives or preservatives

 Direct from Growers to You



Certified Organic: Every bottle of ralo™ certified organic extra-virgin olive oil is filled with Quality, Purity and Freshness. Our olive oil has absolutely no additives or preservatives and is naturally cholesterol-free. Change your oil. Your body will notice the difference.


Unfiltered: Our olive oil is not filtered. After time the olive fruit particles may settle to a thick cloud-like layer. This is harmless and what gives our oil its more intense & better flavour. Just invert or shake the bottle before pouring to evenly distribute the goodness.

Single Estate: Each bottle contains the distinctive flavour and personality of a single grower's olive trees from small family farms in Greece. We select quality producers and know them by name. They are the proud stewards of an ancient and noble tradition. When asked, they say "This oil is from my olive trees".


All-Natural: Our olive oil is the all-natural "raw juice of the olive"TM with nothing added and nothing taken away. It is not blended with processed, refined or otherwise inferior oils. Our "42Trees" olive oil is a crafted blend of high quality oils from small growers that is priced to be used as an everyday cooking oil.

From Growers' Tables to Yours: This is the olive oil growers serve on their kitchen tables. Now you can enjoy it on yours.


Extra-cold-pressed™: Our olive oil is extracted below 270C so that its healthful, aromatic and flavour characteristics are optimized.


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