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July 26, 2018 Newsletter

ralo Update, Olive Blossoms & Midsummer's 42Trees Sales

Hello everyone,

We genuinely hope that each and all of you and yours are well. 

Though we often begin our newsletters with this wish it is especially apt given the recent heart-breaking tragedies unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Keep those you love close, hug them often and tell them you love them every chance you get...


Olives in spring

In this year's spring newsletter we wrote about olives, their colour changes during the ripening cycle and the resulting colour of the freshly-pressed oils. 

The photos below were taken this spring so those of you who are unfamiliar with the growing cycle of olives will now have the complete picture.


Last year's unpicked, fully-ripened black olives still hanging on as the new season's blossoms emerge.  The ground below the tree was carpeted with fallen black olives.


From clusters of blossoms and fruit, to olives alone...

...and now we cross our collective fingers, and wait...


And now for our news. 

Gigantic Olives Sold Out

We are sold out of this year's Gigantic Olives. 

Those who pre-ordered or bought early kept coming back and buying another 5, 10, 20 or 30 packages until we had none left.  This is why it's important to pre-order to reserve your desired quantities before they are gone.

Almost Sold Out of ARGOLID and KORONI oils

We have a small quantity of ARGOLID tins and only a handful of KORONI tins left.  In fact, we were sold out but some of you with pre-orders altered your selections to IONIAN and 42Trees which just freed up extra tins of ARGOLID and KORONI.

If these are the oils you love then this is likely your last opportunity to buy them this year.

While we still have a good supply of IONIAN oil, we expect to sell out of this oil by the end of the Market season, if not before.  If you will need another tin of this oil between now and May 2019 we strongly advise that you buy it sooner rather than later.

Midsummer Sale on 42Trees non-organic oil

We are having a promotion on 42Trees bottles and 5 Litre tins:

  • 1st bottle $20, + $10 for each additional bottle (while quantities last)
  • 1 x 5L Tin   = $100
  • 2 x 5L Tins = $150  (while quantities last)
  • Anyone who pre-ordered any tins this year automatically has a $30 discount which can be applied towards the purchase of 42Trees tins under this sale (ie after the discount, 1 tin will cost $70, and 2 tins will cost $120); 

Be well and hope to see you soon.

Robert & Deborah